Supplying Sand & Gravel In The West Of Ireland Since the late 1980′s

We supply a wide variety of materials to local authorities, builders, farmers and landscapers as well as many major companies and private individuals.

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Broken Stone

Broken Stone (0-50mm, 0-75mm, 0-100mm)

Sub-base material used as hard-core for foundations of all kinds of structures.


804 (0 – 35mm)

Blinding material used for sub floor foundations. This material is also used for roadways and areas surrounding commercial and domestic units

Washed Gravel

Washed Gravel (0-10mm, 0-20mm)

Sub-base material used as hard-core for foundations of all kinds of structures.

Block laying Sand

Block laying Sand (0-2mm)

Most suited for mortar mix in the use of laying blocks. It can also be used as horse arena sand.

Plastering Sand

Plastering Sand (0-3mm)

Our sand is widely regarded as a top quality plastering sand across the West of Ireland. It is highly recommended by all reputable plasterers working in Galway as well as neighbouring counties.

Chips and Dust

Chips and Dust (0-20mm)

This material provides excellent compaction in areas where vehicles may be turning while still maintaining good soakage.

¾” Chips

¾” Chips (0-20mm)

It is often used on top of a membrane in areas of shrubbery.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel (5-10mm)

Washed pebbles used for the surrounds of houses to eliminate dirt entering the house. Also used as a decorative feature in gardens and planted areas.

Paving Sand

Paving Sand (2 – 4mm)

A suitable product when laying paving slabs as it makes the laying of such slabs much easier. It also provides soakage for any surface water. This grade of sand can also be used to give grip to a surface which would otherwise be dangerous (for example. during frosty weather).

Washed Chips

3” Washed Chips

Very popular washed material in the area of land drainage where no drainage pipes are used

Washed Chips 1½

1½” Washed Chips

Most popular washed product in the area of land drainage with/without drainage pipes

¾" Washed Chips

¾” Washed Chips

Washed Pebble used with land drainage pipes for agricultural purposes as well as in percolation areas around houses

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